Butcher Box works with local Ontario Farmers to provide families all over Ontario and Quebec with locally sourced, naturally raised, chemical free, 100% grass fed, 100% grass finished beef, AAA beef, Ontario premium pork; air-chilled, grain-fed, free run poultry raised without and hormones or steroids and wild seafood.

We ship directly to your home or office  using our own team members, in our own temperature controlled delivery van to most addresses within an hour of the GTA.  You don’t have to be home to receive delivery, simply inform our customer service during delivery confirmation and we’ll make arrangements to ensure your order remains frozen until you arrive that evening.

If you live outside of that area, we’ll pack your order in our box with an insulated insert and dry ice to ensure your box stays frozen during delivery and ship that order using one of our major courier partners.

There is no need for a large freezer, we’ve designed our boxes to fit in a standard size fridge freezer.

You’re also able to change, pause or cancel your order at anytime before the next billing date.

Now you have the best of both worlds, the ability to purchase the best products with the convenience of monthly deliveries.

No, of course not, you’re able to log into your account and suspend or cancel your order at anytime before the next payment process date.  You can also change the items in your box or the size of your box at anytime.  If you need any assistance, we’re here to help.    

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.  

All of our products are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, however HACCP is the highest level of inspections. This is a voluntary certification, it’s difficult to get and difficult to keep therefore we work extremely hard to make sure HACCP is followed.  

Most butchers cut all their products in the same cold room.  They’ll cut chicken for several hours then clean the cutting table and start to cut beef.  The problem is that if the table was not completely cleaned, there is a chance that the chicken juice will be transferred to the beef resulting in cross contamination.  

For our families, under HACCP, we have separate cutting rooms for each product eliminating the chance of any cross contamination.  

HACCP does not start at our butcher, under these strict regulations, all of our suppliers must also be HACCP certified resulting in only the best and safest product for you and your family.  

We Sell Chicken, Not Water

Most of the chicken sold in local grocery stores is water chilled.  During this process, the producers submerge the chickens in a vat of cold water in order to reduce bacteria.  This creates a few problems.  

1.  Anytime you put anything in water, it takes on the water adding weight to the chicken.  Now instead of paying for chicken, you’re also paying for water.

2. As you cook the chicken, the water starts to evaporate or steam the chicken.  The result, the chicken shrinks and tastes rubbery.  

You can see this for yourself, if you’ve ever purchased chicken in a bag and at the bottom of the bag there is water … that’s the water leaking out of the chicken.  

3.  As the bacteria levels increase in the water, the producers add a food grade bleach to the water .. so now you’ve just added a chemical to the food that you and your family will be eating.

4.  Some stores, in order to reduce the retail price, pump the chicken.  In this process a syringe containing a saline solution is injected into the chicken, adding more liquid, salt and more weight to the chicken.   

There is a Difference

There is a process called Air Chilled, and just as it sounds, the chickens are cooled by cold air and not water.  This process takes longer adding cost however the difference is significantly noticeable.  

At Butcher Box, we only carry Ontario air chilled, grain fed, free range poultry, raised without any hormones or steroids.  Combine that with the air chilling process and the result is the best tasting, better cooking and safer products for you and your family.   

From freezer to cooking in 20 minutes

Easily thaw these individual vacuum packed chicken breast in 15 – 20 minutes, season it the way you want and, place it on the BBQ, pan fry or in the oven, there are thousands of ways to enjoy this high quality product while ensuring you’re feeding your family only the best.

This is the way chicken should be !!!

Not all beef is created equal, at Butcher Box we carry locally sourced, 100% grass fed, grain finished AAA, pasture raised beef containing the highest marbling ensuring your steak is tender and juicy, every time.  

We also carry 100% grass fed, 100% grass finished beef which provides several health benefits however, due to the finishing process, is not AAA.  

Beef is also a excellent source of protein a 3 oz serving of red meat supplies about half the protein an average adult needs in a a daily diet.  This protein contains all the amino acids needed to build muscle and repair tissue which help prevent illness.  Protein is also linked to weight loss, since it satisfies hunger and keeps you satisfied for hours following your meal.  

That’s a great question.  Many claim to be 100% Grass Fed however it’s also important to know how the animal is finished or fed, is it a grass finish or grain finish?  At Butcher Box, we are proud to offer you the choice of 100% grass fed, grass finished; along with our grass fed, grain finished AAA line.

You’ll notice the first few beef products are AAA, grass fed then grain finished, which is the most popular type of beef.  With this process the animals are fed 100% grass up until the last few months before going to market, at which point our farmers feed the animals a mixture of grains, increasing the level of marbling resulting in a AAA steak with a buttery texture.  These are the steaks in high demand at fine dining and high end steak restaurants.

We also carry 100% Grass Fed, 100% grass finished beef.  Since these animals are raised only on grass, the meat has a slightly different flavour profile however there are several health benefits to eating grass finished over grain finished.    

We understand that some people are celiac and some have a gluten sensitivity and that’s why we’re proud to say that all of our products are gluten free.

Absolutely.  We know that everyone is different and that’s why you’re able to select only the items and quantities that you need.  Prior to each process date, you’re able to log into your account and change the products as needed. Maybe you enjoy more steaks in the summer and more ground beef or chicken in the winter.  Great, it’s easy to make those changes month to month and don’t worry, you’re never locked in, you can suspend or cancel your order, before the next process date, anytime.   

Why not give it a try?  

Yes you can. Our staff are also customers and we’ve found that needs change throughout the year.  We may BBQ our steaks primarily in the summer therefore our summer months have more steaks in our boxes.  In the winter, it’s more ground beef for chicken therefore we customize our fall and winter deliveries with those items.  We enjoy seafood year round so we add a little to each month.  

Don’t worry about being locked in, even if you customize upcoming deliveries and something changes, simply log into your account and change any future order.. it’s so easy. 

You can make changes to your order before your next billing/processing date.  From the home screen, click on my account to log into your account.   then select subscriptions, then click on the active subscription, then edit details, then edit products.  You can then remove items from your box to make room for the items that you want to add to your box.  You can also change the box size at anytime. 

If at anytime you have questions, please call our customer support at 905-593-2648

Of course, we’ve designed this program to be as flexible as possible so we have 2 options.

Option 1, Call our customer support at 905-593-2648 or email info@butcherbox.ca and simply tell us the date that you’ll be returning and let us take care of it for you. 

 Option 2,  Place your subscription on hold until you return.  Simply log into your account, click on subscriptions, then click on the subscription number then click on pause.  Any order which has not been processed will not process.  Once you return, simply log into your account and click on resume.  

If you have any questions please call 905-593-2648 or email info@butcherbox.ca. 

Yes, we’ve designed this site with you in mind.  When you place your first order, you can select 3, 4, 5 or even 6 weeks between deliveries.  If you want every 2 months or any other frequency, please email info@butcherbox.ca and we’ll take care of it for you.   

We ship to most of Ontario and most of Quebec.  If you’re local to our Mississauga, Ontario office, we’ll deliver in our temperature controlled truck however if you’re outside of our delivery area, we ship overnight via a major courier partner.  The products are placed in an insulated box with dry ice and shipped right to your door.  Using dry ice allows us to keep all your meats frozen until the night of delivery.

The price you see at checkout is the price you pay .. not a penny more.

You’ll typically receive your order within a few days, you’ll recieve an email confirming the exact date.  

We ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10 am – 9 pm, if you need special delivery, please email jean@butcherbox.ca or call 905-593-2648 and we’ll do our best to accommodate.   

For orders outside of our truck delivery area, we’ll ship your order using a major courier and of course there is no additional cost to you.  With our courier partners, we ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from our plant in Mississauga.  

Of course, we recommend this delivery.  Since all of our products are delivered in an insulated box, they will keep frozen until you take it home the night of your delivery.    


No problem, we can leave your order with your concierge and because of the insulated boxes used for delivery, your order will stay frozen until the end of your delivery date.  

Absolutely, simply log into your account

  • Click on subscriptions
  • Click on your subscription number
  • Click edit detials
  • Click change box size.

If at anytime your not sure, please call our customer service line directly at 905-593-2648.