100% Grass Fed Raised Ribeye Steak – 1 Steak 10 to 12oz

If your doctor has recommended a leaner diet, but you still crave steak – try one of our 10 – 12 oz, 100% grass fed grass finished ribeye steaks from our good friends at Leahy Farms, a 5th generation farmer out of Peterborough County, Ontario.

Raised completely from birth, this start to finish cow/calf operation is pastured raised, with no added hormones, antibiotics and GMO free, these animals forage throughout their lives, and are known to have higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a powerful polyunsaturated fatty acid we can only obtain through our diet that has been shown to help fight cancer, discourage weight gain and help build muscle.  Grass fed, grass finished beef has also been shown to aid in improving blood sugar, preventing insulin sensitivity, which can lead to diabetes.

100% grass fed, 100% grass finished beef.

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