AAA Beef Sirloin Roast – 1 Roast at 2.5 to 3lbs average

Looking for a flexible, great tasting roast for an everyday kind of meal? Try our sirloin roast, cut from AAA Ontario beef that is naturally raised and dry aged. Perfect when cooked “low and slow” in the oven with assorted veggies of your choosing – go traditional with potatoes, carrots and onions; go seasonal; go gourmet with multi coloured fall veggies; – then use the pan drippings for your gravy base… can you say DEE-LISH-OUS!!

Cooking tip – Find yourself a great rub/marinade for your roast, apply generously and let the roast come to room temperature before cooking. Place vegetables in bottom or your roaster and center roast on top, this will create all kinds of yummy juices with no (or very little) water/broth needing to be added. After searing, this roast needs to be cooked at 325 with the lid on the roaster pan. Once internal temp has been reached, tent your roast loosely with aluminum foil and let rest 30 minutes before slicing and serving, this will complete the cooking process.

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