Air Chilled Whole Chicken – 1 Bird at 3 to 4lbs

Perfect for that Sunday family dinner roasted in the oven or on the BBQ for a mouth-watering beer can chicken, or countless other ways to prepare this item.  Sourced from a co-op of Ontario poultry farmers who raise grain fed, free run poultry, with no hormones or steroids and, like all chicken, no antibiotics.

Our chickens are then air chilled, not water chilled.  Water chilling can cause the meat to absorb water while soaking in large vats of cold water.  In addition, to prevent bacteria growth, these vats of water contain a food grade bleach.  Air chilling is a cleaner, more sanitary method of chilling the birds, they are indvidually suspended from lines and passed quickly through chilling chambers, never touching each other.  When you use air chilled chicken you will notice less shrinkage when cooked and a much juicier, flavourful end product.

Weight 3.5 lbs

Free Run, Air Chilled Chicken Chicken

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