Butcher Bacon – 375g Pack

A true staple – our bacon is rindless, cut from premium Ontario pork, from the side to maximize the meat ratio, naturally smoked and packed in 375 g packages, perfect for those weekend breakfasts, or cook it up to make bacon bits, have on burgers and sandwiches.  Bacon makes everything better, and ours comes from our HACCP certified butcher shop, our farmers feed their animals a vegetarian diet only – making our butcher bacon top quality, safely produced, and sure to please everyone!

Helpful hint – always fry bacon until crisp for food safety sake, and drain well.  For perfect bacon bits, set your oven to 400F, place bacon strips on a baking sheet (we use parchment paper for easy clean up) and bake until the bacon is dark brown with a crispy look, drain well and chop up!

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