Hot Italian Pork Sausage – 2 Packages, 1 lb each

If you like a bit of spice in your life, then our gluten free hot Italian sausage is for you!  Whether you grill them up to eat whole, chop them into bite size pieces for a snack or remove from the casing to spice up pasta sauce or chili, the flavour will make your mouth happy!  And, being gluten free, they are a perfect party snack, to grill while camping, to bbq at the lake or by the pool, no need to worry about gluten sensitive diets!

All of our pork products start with premium Ontario pork, naturally raised, fed a vegetarian diet and given free access to be outdoors or indoors – a low stress approach to farming, resulting in healthier animals.

Cooking tip – if you need to cook from frozen, you can par boil the sausages first, then finish them up on the grill or in a pan to get that crispy outside.

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