Pork Loin Chop Bone In – 1 Bone In Chop 8oz

Don’t be mistaken, this is not the same pork chop that you’re buying at your local grocery store.  Cut from the centre of the loin, which is the most tender part of the pork loin, these 8oz chops are from premium Ontario pork, raised by Ontario farmers who have spent generations perfecting their craft, who practice humane, ethical, natural farming methods and who feed their animals a completely vegetarian diet, our bone in pork loin chops, are the best quality available.

Try them grilled as a lean alternative to steak, baked with apples and cinnamon, they truly are a versatile item.  Pork is leaner and lower in sodium than other meat products, and is a fantastic source of potassium for helping control blood pressure; riboflavin to help break down carbohydrates to produce energy; and zinc to help fight off viruses and infections and aid in healing, as well.

Cooking tip – don’t be afraid of seasonings, pork is a mild meat and will absorb seasonings amazingly well.

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