Pork Side Ribs – 1 Rack at 28 – 32oz cut in half

Slightly less meaty than baby back ribs, pork side ribs can be just as flavourful – they just need to be cooked a bit longer to be fall off the bone tender.  Many prefer this cut as the portion does weigh more, as well as being fattier, which can add to the flavour of your finished product.  In addition, side ribs have straighter bones, which makes them easier to cut evenly.

Cut from the side and/or belly, our ribs are from pork raised on Ontario farms which is antibiotic free.


Cooking Tip – Don’t boil ribs first, this doesn’t actually help tenderize them.  Try using a spice rub of your choosing, then cooking in about ½ inch of water in a shallow pan, covered with foil for about 90 minutes at 325F.  Then you can smoke, grill or oven roast your ribs to finish them off!